Updated Procedures to combat the spread of COVID-19
With the advent of COVID-19 the world of photography has been indefinitely altered. The events of 2020 have allowed us to re-evaluate some of our processes and implement changes to the way we operate.  With the health and safety of our clients, team members, families, and friends as a top priority we are immediately implementing these updated processes and practices.
Before and after every shoot all cameras, lenses, props, and any other equipment or supplies used during a shoot will be cleaned and sanitized.
We will be limiting the number of persons at any shoot to only those essential to complete the project. Our intention is to limit our team when possible to 2 for portrait, 3 for event, and necessary only for commercial. We ask our clients to limit the number of non-photographed persons to as few as they are comfortable with.
We will practice physical distancing and make every attempt to keep a minimum of 6 feet of space between our team members and clients.
All of our team members will carry masks, gloves, and hand sanitizer at all times in their “kit”.
Team members will wear a non-venting face cover at all times while on at shoot, or at an event.
Team members will regularly wash their hands when possible. When not possible team members will use alcohol based hand sanitizer on a regular basis.
For events, in addition to our own guidelines, we will communicate with event hosts to meet or exceed their health & safety standards.
Any team members who maybe feeling ill will be removed from the shoot, should your assigned photographer be unable to shoot, you will be immediately contacted with the option of another equally competent photographer and/or opportunity to reschedule. Should anyone in the clients party have any symptoms we ask that you notify us immediately and we will work with you to reschedule the shoot.
We will continually to monitor and implement any guidance provided by the WHO, CDC, and AZDHS
Although things may look a little different while we are on a shoot, rest assured that we are more dedicated than ever to providing our clients a great experience with professional photography services.

Updated: 09/06/2020
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